Monday, September 29, 2014

Panthers Got Blown Out by Those Mighty Ravens

I thought this game would be a little closer but I was wrong. The Ravens gave Panthers a switch whipping! They will need to sit on pillows for a while from the butt kicking that they received yesterday.

I thought the Ravens would win but not like this! The Ravens made the Panthers look like puddy cats. The Ravens vs Panthers game wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. a chance to get revenge on the team that cut him and get revenge is what he did! Smith ran past those boys like he was a kid back on the playground getting 139 receiving and 2 big in your face touchdowns!

Final Score: Ravens 38 Panthers 10

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ravens vs Panthers Pre Game Analysis

The Ravens vs Panthers game today could also be considered the Steve Smith Sr. Bowl. Many football fans expect to see Steve Smith Sr. get revenge and bully the Carolina Panthers secondary today. Steve Smith Sr. has payed well in every game so far for the Baltimore Ravens and I don't see this game being any different. Smith is a must start for fantasy football team owners this week.

Steve Smith Sr. is our bully on offense and I expect him to have a great day and catch a lot of passes. The Ravens bullied the Steelers when we played them. The Steelers then went on to bully the Panthers. Logically, the Ravens should be able to bully the Panthers too.

I expect it to be a competitive game but the Baltimore Ravens are home and Steve Smith Sr. will be fired up. Prediction: Ravens 23 Panthers 17

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ravens vs Browns: Justin Tucker > Billy Cundiff

The Ravens vs Browns game was everything that it should be. It was a close battle between divisional rivals. I'm being nice by calling the Cleveland Browns rivals. The Ravens usually beat the Browns year after year. Today was no different. It was a close game which came down to the field goal kickers.

Billy Cundiff could not hit his field goals for the Browns and even had one blocked by the Ravens. Justin Tucker however, was money in the bank, and hit the game winner to give the Baltimore Ravens the lead and the victory.

I want a Justin Tucker jersey! I hope the Ravens stock pile Justin Tucker jerseys when they have the next jersey exchange on October 25th. If I can't get a Justin Tucker jersey then I want a Steve Smith Sr. jersey. He is beasting at the wide receiver position so far this year. Rookie running back Lorenzo Taliaferro also had a good day rushing for 91 yards and a TD.

Final Score: Ravens 23 Browns 21

Ravens vs Browns Halftime Report

There is some good news and some bad news Baltimore Ravens fans. The good news is that the Baltimore Ravens offense has been able to move the ball especially on the ground with 90 yards in the first half.

The bad news is that the Ravens defense has allowed the Cleveland Browns to move the ball as well. The first half was promising as the Baltimore Ravens offense was able to move the ball on the ground effectively and Joe Flacco did throw one touchdown pass. Taliaferro has been very impressive running the ball for the Ravens.

Hslftime Score: Ravens 10 Browns 7

Ravens vs Browns Pre Game Analysis

The Baltimore Ravens have been involeved in a video scandal every since the Ray Rice elevatorincident. The Ravens vs Browns game scheduled for 1 pm eastern time will be a chance for Ravens to get back to football and take care of business against the Cleveland Browns.

The Baltimore Ravens usually do very well against the Cleveland Browns but the Browns are much improved. I still feel that Ravens have too many weapons on offense with a healthy Dennis Pitta and newly acquired top receiver Steve Smith Sr. The Ravens defense also played very well last Thursday night and are very well rested. I predict another Ravens win this week.

Prediction Ravens 23 Browns 13

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Comments on Ravens vs Steelers Game Thursday Night

The Ravens vs Steelers game isn't what it used to be. The Pittsburgh Steelers don't intimidate me at all anymore. The Baltimore Ravens are built to beat to beat the Steelers now. Our offensive line which was horrible last year completely dominated the Steelers defensive line.

The Ravens are also loaded with speedy play makers on offense such as newly acquired wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. Steve Smith Sr. shook the mess out of Steelers safety Polomalu on one play and made him look old and foolish. The game was never really in doubt as the Baltimore Ravens went on to stomp the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 26 to 6.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bad Week for Baltimore Ravens Fans

This has been a bad week so far for Baltimore Ravens fans. First we lose a heart breaker to the Cincinnati Bengals. A game the Ravens could have very easily won if they did not keep shooting themselves in the foot.

To make matters worse, The Ravens cut running back Ray Rice today because a video showing what happened inside the elevator leaked and it wasn't good. This has been a ruff week for Ravens Nation but we still have a chance to redeem ourselves if we can beat our rival Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ravens vs Bengals Halftime Report

There is some good news and some bad news Baltimore Ravens fans. The good news is that the Baltimore Ravens defense has kept the Cincinnati Bengals out of the end zone so far.

The bad news is that the Ravens offense has done absolutely nothing. Bernard Pierce had a fumble. The receivers have been dropping passes. Justin Tucker missed a field goal and Joe Flacco had a bone headed play at the end of the half that may have cost us 3 points.

The first half was horrible to watch but because of strong play by the Baltimore Ravens defense we are still only down by 2 scores.

Hslftime Score: Ravens 0 Bengals 15

Ravens vs Bengals Pre Game Analysis

The Baltimore Ravens will take on the Cincinnati Bengals as their first opponent in the 2014 season. The Ravens will be playing at home at M&T Bank Stadium. The Ravens will be playing without running back Ray Rice who is out on a 2 game suspension. I expect the Ravens vs Bengals game to be a close game but I expect the Ravens to win at home. The Ravens play well at home and the offense looks to be much improved this year and the defense should be stronger as well.

Prediction: Ravens 24 Bengals 20

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