Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Favorite Baltimore Raven

Players such as Flacco, Ray Rice, Ed Reed, and Mason are definitely in my top five. However, Ray Lewis continues to be my favorite Baltimore Raven football player. Nobody embodies the spirit of Baltimore football like Ray Lewis.

No other Ravens player can come close to matching the passion of Ray Lewis and he still brings that passion to every game to this day. If you love defense, how can you not love Ray Lewis? Remember the tough game when he knocked off a player's helmet with a hard hit against the Titans last year in the playoffs?

I knew we would win the game after that hit. Remember the game against the Chargers this year when he sealed the deal with a hit in the backfield on Sproles. I even felt the vicious hit on Chad Johnson was worth it despite the penalty. Yes, Ray Lewis is still my favorite.

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