Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ravens Blow Another One to Pittsburgh

The Baltimore Ravens turned over the ball 3 times in the second half to blow a 14 point lead. Ray Rice fumbles leading to a Steelers score. Joe Flacco throws an interception. Boldin drops a touchdown pass. T.J. drops a much needed pass on the final drive. Too much went wrong in the second half for me to list. The Ravens defense made some big plays but the offense didn't do much the whole game besides turn the ball over. The way the Ravens lost today was embarrassing for Ravens fans.

Final Score: Ravens 24 Steelers 31

Ravens vs Steelers Halftime Report

The Baltimore Ravens came to play and that's no lie! Terrell Suggs A.K.A. T Sizzle has been a big difference maker getting to Big Ben and forcing turnovers. Roethlisberger has already been sacked three times by a tenacious Ravens defense in the first half.

Halftime Score: Ravens 21 Steelers 7

Ravens vs Steelers III Pre-Game Analysis

The Baltimore Ravens came back to win the first meeting between these 2 teams this season led by a Joe Flacco drive and touchdown in the 4th quarter. The Pittsburgh Steelers won the second meeting because of a Ben Roethlisberger touchdown in the 4th quarter. Who will be the hero in the third meeting?

This is what we are about to find out as the Baltimore Ravens face the Pittsburgh Steelers for the third time this season today. The Ravens are coming off an impressive win against the Chiefs, but the Steelers are very well rested. It should be a very good game and most likely a very close game. I am picking the Ravens to win and finally get the monkey off their back by beating Pittsburgh in the playoffs.

Prediction: Ravens 17 Pittsburgh 13

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ravens Beat Chiefs in a Convincing Manner

If you were tired of seeing the Baltimore Ravens win ugly, you can't say that they won ugly today. The Baltimore Ravens pretty much dominated the Kansas City Chiefs the whole game. If it was not for a Joe Flacco fumble, the Chiefs may not have scored at all. The Ravens defense was incredible forcing fumbles and getting interceptions all day. The Ravens offense were ball hogs and Todd Heap had a great day with 8 catches for 108 yards.

It was no fourth quarter collapse this week as the Ravens strictly dominated the Chiefs. Next week the Ravens will face their arch rival Pittsburgh Steelers to see who will go to the AFC Championship.

Final Score: Ravens 30 Chiefs 7

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Ravens vs Chiefs Pre-Game Analysis

The Kansas City Chiefs have probably the best running attack in the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens pride themselves on stopping the run. It should be a very good matchup. Although the Chiefs are playing at home, the Ravens have the better record and should be the better team.

Prediction: Ravens 24 Chiefs 17