Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ravens Blow Another One to Pittsburgh

The Baltimore Ravens turned over the ball 3 times in the second half to blow a 14 point lead. Ray Rice fumbles leading to a Steelers score. Joe Flacco throws an interception. Boldin drops a touchdown pass. T.J. drops a much needed pass on the final drive. Too much went wrong in the second half for me to list. The Ravens defense made some big plays but the offense didn't do much the whole game besides turn the ball over. The way the Ravens lost today was embarrassing for Ravens fans.

Final Score: Ravens 24 Steelers 31


  1. Baltimore needs a 60 minute offense

  2. yeah, when you look at the stats, the Ravens had half the passing yardage compared to steelers and half the rushing yardage. They simply shut down the Ravens for the most part in the second half. And when you think about it, if it wasn't for the fumble that only one player on the field knew was a fumble in the first half that became a TD, this game may not have even been as close it it was. Ravens seriously outplayed and outcoached.