Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ed Reed is Out and Michael Huff is In

I was really sad when I found out that Ed Reed was going to be playing for the Houston Texans. This was shocking news especially since it has been less than two months since Ed Reed's speech at the Ravens parade. I guess it is only fair that the Texans take one of our good players seeing that we got Bernard Pollard, Vonta Leach, and Jacoby Jones from them. The pain of losing Ed Reed was eased a little bit when I heard the news that we acquired safety Michael Huff from the Oakland Raiders.

Michael Huff will probably never be another Ed Reed but he is a better cover guy than Bernard Pollard and is he very physical. He is also very versatile and can play both strong and free safety positions as well as cornerback. Combine this free agency signing with that of Elvis Dumervil and it looks like the Baltimore Ravens will be back in business in 2013. Michael Huff's NFL career stats

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